Chronology of the life of Père Jacques

1900January 20Born at Barentin, France
1912OctoberEntry into the minor seminary of Rouen
1919JulyCompletion of minor seminary program
OctoberEntry into the major seminary of Rouen
1920MarchStart of two years of military service
1922MarchReturn to major seminary of Rouen
1924OctoberProctor and teacher at Institution Saint Joseph in Le Havre
1925July 11Ordination ti priesthood for the archdiocese of Rouen
1931September 14Entry into the Discalced Carmelite novitiate at Lille
1932September 15First profession of religious in Avon
1934MarchFoundation of the Petit-Collège in Avon
OctoberOpening of the Petit-Collège
1935September 15Solemn religious profession
1939SeptemberBeginning of World War II : generalmobilization
1940JunePrisoner of war at Lunéville
NovemberRelease and return to Avon
1941JanuaryReopening of the Petit-Collège
1944January 15Arrest of Père Jacques and the three Jewish studentshidden at the school
March 6Transfer from the prison of Fontainebleau to camp at Compiègne
March 28Transfer to camp at Neue Bremm
April 23Arrival at Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria
MayAssignment to Gusen I workcamp
1945AprilReturn to Mauthausen
May 5Liberation of Mauthausen by American troops
June 2Death at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Linz, Austria
June 26Burial in cemetery of the Discalced Carmelite community in Avon
1985June 9Postumous award of the Medal of the Just by the government of Israel
1990August 31Formal opening of cause of canonization of Père Jacques
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